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Quiet: A Star Wars Short Quiet: A Star Wars Short

So, this spring, my local filmmaking group made a quick Star Wars fan film for a competition. We didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun. The contest had a strict 5 minute limit, but this is a slightly longer version I re-cut and polished. Im pretty happy with the result, I hope you enjoy it:

Check out the Force Awakens Before/After FX Reel.

While I have some issues with the film’s script, it certainly wasn’t lacking in the FX department. Nothing suprising here (other than there was more CG than I think some people assumed), but its fun.

The moment that killed MOS. The moment that killed MOS.

For me, at least. I had issues with the film early on, but really liked a lot of what it had to offer, as well. But then came this scene (slightly edited at my suggestion, to better reflect how a man with super-hearing would have experienced that moment).

Highlander: The Watcher new trailer Highlander: The Watcher new trailer

Here is the full trailer for my feature-length, fully authorized fan film, Highlander: The Watcher, based on/set in the world of Highlander: The Series. Enjoy:

A short comic I drew many years ago, and recently found. I decided to color it and share. I hope you enjoy:

#Justice! #Justice!

The Hero's Apprentice

Highlander: The Watcher Highlander: The Watcher

Here the newly-created key art for Highlander: The Watcher. My fully authorized series of fan-films set in the universe of Highlander: The Series. Originally created to be included as episodic featurettes on the Blu Ray release of the TV series, the films will likely be released as a stand-alone DVD this fall. More…