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Waking up to a Scifi Dystopia

Some days, when I wake up, it’s like waking up in a speculative fiction novel. I can marvel that I have a computer that fits in the palm of my hand and can do everything from assure me I’m about to get ripped off on that “deal” on toilet paper to tell me where the nearest coffee shop is and how many people wrote 5…

Happy Alien Abduction Day!

Today is Extraterrestrial Abduction Day. What do you plan to do to celebrate?

New Geek Girl

So, my first niece has been born as of last night. I have two boys, but I never had any girls, so I'm seriously tempted to go crazy with geeky girl baby stuff.

Fascinating #Gamergate Twitter Breakdown Fascinating #Gamergate Twitter Breakdown

Andy Baio, a long time Twitter user and my kind of math geek, wrote a Python script to capture 72 hours of tweets using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags. His findings are really interesting. He was providing the raw data for others to play with, but unfortunately Twitter sent him a cease and desist.

A/B Test of Female vs. Male Game Company Harrassment

Some of you may have heard of Kongregate, an online games website owned by GameStop. Earlier this morning, the CEO, one Emily Greer, posted a side by side comparison of messages received by her and by her brother.

Sony's Attempt to "Win" Your Entertainment World Sony's Attempt to "Win" Your Entertainment World

While Microsoft has publicly been trying to win the living room for years, Sony has started an a far subtler attempt to win almost everything you do with entertainment media. It truly began with PS3/PSP remote play, but this generation they're bringing out the big guns with PS4/Vita remote play and the recently…