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Sunday Night OT (waves elegantly with her second glass of Merlot)

Welp. Its snowing in the greater DC area and I’m having a me party at a Japanese restuarant. It was supposed to have been a tinder date with one of the more promising matches I’ve had in a while. We were originally supposed to have met up on Wed, except I came down with a light case of the flu. I’m 99% better and was…

Shit. This Article

I’m sitting here, trying to get started on my massive Saturday to do list. And I legitimately dont know the last time I've identified quite this much with an online essay.

Wonky Question for The Brits on Groupthink 

Why is the idea of second Brexit referendum such a seeming non starter?

Okay You Guys, There Is A Lot To Be Happy About

This is a peptalk because I’m a bit a frustrated with a lot of democratic twitter right now.

A Shameless Thirst Post  A Shameless Thirst Post 

The world is terrible and I’m ignoring it by catching up on Daredevil Season 3, where the world is also awful, but we get to see this guy at least.

Rachel Bloom gives critical career advice Rachel Bloom gives critical career advice

Remember kids, there are so many other professions, that don’t turn you into Jeff Sessions


I’m not saying I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren in 2020. I actually feel pretty conflicted if I’m honest (although sort of leaning towards Kamala).

Fuck jobs that ghost on you AFTER you have gone on an in person interview 

As someone who has been underemployed and semi regularly job hunting for basically 2 years now, this is happened to me now at least 5 times. I find it absolutely fucking inexcusable.

Group Primal Scream 

Because sometimes, words and drinks aren’t enough.

2018 needs better writers (OT)

This is too much.

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