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Poetry Thread Check In

Happy Easter/Passover/Spring everyone! How is your personal poetry challenge going, if that’s something you are doing?

National Poetry Month Check-in Thread

Okay, guys I clearly have some issues with follow through at the moment-but despite the lack of posting, I haven’t forgotten about our poetry challenge. Will try to be more consistent for the second half of April.

National Poetry Month Challenge National Poetry Month Challenge

Thanks guys for all the awesome suggestions yesterday for how we can celebrate this month!

Shitty Workplace Drama -Advice needed

So this will go poof, since its pretty doxxy, but I’m looking for some professional advice right now.

April is....National Poetry Month!

We should do something to celebrate. In past years I’ve challenged myself to read one poem a day. We could also do a write a poem a day challenge. Or something completely different. Anyone have a good idea?

Okay, Let's Have A Gentle 2020  OT

I know its early, but for the moment, before anything gets super negative, who are you all leaning towards?

Lots of Good Reading Recommendations on this Thread 

What biography of a famous woman most represents your mood today?


HI all! I realized I haven’t posted since Ghana. It was good! Just sort of a whirlwind and I have zero pictures that are postable, since they all have people in it. Unless you want to see pictures of latrines (I was there on a sanitation thing, its not my normal photo taking interest although maybe I should make it a…

Sunday Night OT (waves elegantly with her second glass of Merlot)

Welp. Its snowing in the greater DC area and I’m having a me party at a Japanese restuarant. It was supposed to have been a tinder date with one of the more promising matches I’ve had in a while. We were originally supposed to have met up on Wed, except I came down with a light case of the flu. I’m 99% better and was…

Shit. This Article

I’m sitting here, trying to get started on my massive Saturday to do list. And I legitimately dont know the last time I've identified quite this much with an online essay.

Wonky Question for The Brits on Groupthink 

Why is the idea of second Brexit referendum such a seeming non starter?

Okay You Guys, There Is A Lot To Be Happy About

This is a peptalk because I’m a bit a frustrated with a lot of democratic twitter right now.

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