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Rossion Q1 in CA Rossion Q1 in CA

No idea why this was parked at the local Aldi but it somehow seems rarer than the ccx I saw over the weekend. It made me think of a cross between a Noble and a Veilside MR2. Anyway it’s rare that I come across something that I not only didn’t recognize but have literally never heard of it before.

Outside the hotel were at this weekend Outside the hotel were at this weekend

At an event for the wife’s business so this was kind of a cool highlight of the trip so far.

Looking for a "new" Car - Help me find some contenders

Hey Oppo, I had been planning to buy a car sometime in 2018 in the $40k range. I have been driving a beater car for quite a few years now ensuring that the wife and kids had the safe, reliable transportation they needed so my wife has been totally on board with getting something awesome. Don’t hate me but I really…

Figures. Just bought new detailing products.  Figures. Just bought new detailing products. 

Planning to spend a few hours working on it this afternoon getting nice and shiny.

Saw this rolling down the 14 Freeway the other day. Usually BMW is rolling around but sometimes Honda. I am leaning towards the former but no idea what it is. Heavy Camo on front and rear and he sure didn’t like being photographed.

Hooning with 1 Horsepower Hooning with 1 Horsepower

Gives new meaning to “run what you brung.”

Wife sent me a photo of a car she "thought" I would like Wife sent me a photo of a car she "thought" I would like

Had no idea it would be a “one of one”. She was very surprised when I sent her the link to what it really was. Apparently my 6 year old shouted “look at that hot rod”. He has no idea.

Some Rotary Help...

So as much as I might have sounded like a ricer in my last post (…) complaining about the price disparity for a bunch of Hondas, I really just felt I couldn't afford something better.

WTF is Wrong with the Used Car Market

I haven't posted to Oppo for quite a while. Mostly because I'm lazy, but more so because I wasn't an author.


Yea, she was the only person in the car.

Need to Sell a Truck Need to Sell a Truck

Help me out Oppo.


The all caps cross link to Jezebel is providing excellent troll fodder, apparently all commenting feminists don't understand satire or humor.

Not quite

So todays AOTD had me on a subject that has bugged me for a while. Something pre 1974 to get past CA BS but light and fast enough that 2 seats and half a cage wouldn't make the car horrid to drive on a friday to work. The Pantera reminded me of something that awesome but a quick check on CL reminded me that I am…

Anyone go to Sevenstock/Mazda Fest this weekend? I heard Mazda was bringing out racecars. Anything good show up.

So, heres a conundrum.

Guys, I know this might be a controversial topic, but does anyone have some good info on detailing your car? I just got my wife a car that has some scuffs and is in general need of a good detail. I will happily do the work myself but I haven't bought wax or polish in 10 years.

Ok Oppo, need some advice. I have a Ford Edge that I bought for my wife when our first son's carseat wouldn't fit in the mustang. Now we have 3 sons and the three in the same row just isnt working (sorry 3rdpedal). New direction: Minivan!

Just finished watching a review on the Venom Spyder and I can't help but wonder how dangerous the cage on that car is. Congratulations in wrapping the bars in diamond stitched alcantara but the first time someone gets in an accident (likely considering the skill to money ratio) they will probably die. No one who…

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