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Drove my dream car today. Drove my dream car today.

DB7 manual. My goodness. Made some fantastic noises and was incredibly comfortable to sit in and a ridiculously solid-feeling machine. Ergonomics were absolute dogshit but... I could live. Super cool detail: the carpet and piping on the seats is color-matched to the paint.

Re-fueling Re-fueling

Bman’s rallyx car in its natural habitat.

Things I'm considering Things I'm considering

Here in a year when I’m able to pay cash for one I’d like to pick up an ‘05-’09 Mustang GT coupe with a manual. Blue, preferably. The 3-valve mod isn’t a screamer but if a manual RWD coupe with 300hp isn’t enough for you to have some fun with then the problem is you, not the car. I fell in love with the…

Awww yes Awww yes

Bought a cheap radio from walmart and installed it in my VetterSound fairing. Absolutely glorious.

Drove an e-tron: some thoughts Drove an e-tron: some thoughts

A friend of mine was able to borrow the first e-tron allocation in Wichita for a day to review and he let me have a go in it. I had been somewhat removed from the news the past couple of weeks so I knew basically nothing about it going in other than “Audi Crossover But Electric”. My instructions were “Make sure it’s…

Fun bike times! Fun bike times!

It’s weird having a bike that actually works. Gave it a good clean today and went out riding. Pretty cool being able to stow my jacket, gloves, and helmet in the trunk and saddlebags and not have to worry about them. Also keep some detailing supplies and a tire pressure gauge in there as well. Handy dandy.

Oceanfront property in Kansas Oceanfront property in Kansas

Went out and took some footage of the high waters in Wichita. For those that don’t know, Wichita was built in essentially a wetlands. Prior to the construction of our current flood management infrastructure the “Big Ditch” the city regularly found itself under 2-4 feet of water between Ridge Rd and Hillside. Thanks to…

I fixed my bike. I fixed my bike.

Who knew a paint job could be so transformative?

Yessss Yessss

My favorite generation of Supra. The owner bought it sitting for 10 years, got it running, and loves it so much he doesn’t really want to stop driving it long enough to fully restore it.

The most cathartic thing ever The most cathartic thing ever

Cleaning out a nasty used-car engine bay and door sills. Spent 45 minutes on this and I have immense respect for the people who do this for a living, though I’m sure they have more than an old microfiber and some water to work with.

First Rallycross in the Sportcross! First Rallycross in the Sportcross!

RIP cone, you were too young for this world. The Wichita Region SCCA had our third rallyx of the year and our first event at the 81 Speedway dirt oval track. We turned half of the oval and part of the infield into a rallycross course. Due to a race the previous night the oval itself was pretty much asphalt due to…

Spotted Spotted

Super nice condition Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo!

Tried to fix the new Sonata Tried to fix the new Sonata

Ditched the stupid catfish whiskers and softened up the angularity/wideness of the grille slightly. That horizontal hard crease below the headlights still feels SUPER out of place but I’m too tired to make it go away. The headlights also have eyelids but, again, too tired to put in the effort to try to redesign the…

Studebaker Commander Studebaker Commander

Imagine gliding effortlessly down the road in a Studebaker Commander coupe. Lovely.

Carbeuration Carbeuration

Looking down the throat of a CVK (Constant Velocity Keihin) while revving the engine on my 1980 Honda CX500. You can see at idle fuel being drawn around the needle, then as the slide lifts more fuel comes from both main jets (CX500s have two main jets, a pilot jet, and an idle jet. The latter two are nonremovable,…


My LS400, ostensibly a car made for eating up highway miles in comfort, has had a nasty vibration at highway speed that sort of ruins any comfort there might have been. Today I finally ordered the OEM castor arm bushings to remedy that issue. Also ordered: #82 Keihin main jets for the CX500 and new carb boots. Grand…

Livin' in tha Ghetto Livin' in tha Ghetto

The neighborhood I live in has been super quiet the whole year-and-a-bit I’ve lived there and nobody really bothers locking their doors or anything and unattended motorcycles are a common sight so I figured it was pretty low-key. Being a block from a police station probably has something to do with it. Then on Friday…

Wife autocrossed the station wagon today Wife autocrossed the station wagon today

She was smooth! Did good. One of the quicker there I believe.

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