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Mad at someone because of a dream ... and OT

I dreamed that my MiL decided to go through and clear out my books and that I came on to find a “bookseller’s cart” outside the house but the owner gone off somewhere, and my bookshelves half empty. I spent the rest of the dream frantically going through and trying to retrieve all my books, some of them irreplaceable,…

Because what I've heard on the news today is a vague "scientists" without naming the (female) lead... Because what I've heard on the news today is a vague "scientists" without naming the (female) lead...

Congratulations to Dr. Bouman and all of the people who worked with her!

Heads up for anyone near-ish to Harvard

This panel, Decolonizing Feminism: Transnational Solidarity for Gender and Racial Equality, looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I’m an ocean away, so I figured I’d share for anyone who can make the trip.

Twitter hilarity: mansplaining edition Twitter hilarity: mansplaining edition

There’s just nothing like a mansplainer with a “Certicate in editing”[sic] sealioning to “correct” professionals about female anatomical terms. Watch him get ratioed!

Freaking out slightly

Advice / calming thoughts / etc. for someone getting promoted in a scary way and about to hit paralysis? I’m a bit of a rabbit in the headlights today.

Heads Up:  Indigenous Peoples March Friday 18 Jan

I can’t recall seeing anything about this before today, and I thought other people would be interested. So, signal boost!

Some good stuff Some good stuff

There’s a lot of shit going on, so I’m sharing some good stuff in no particular order.... The Data for Black Lives conference (check out Data4BlackLives and #data4blacklives on Twitter) was on this past weekend. People involved have done a great job of communicating their scholarship for people who couldn’t get there…

Updated with more perspectives: That Millennial Burnout Article... perspectives from people of color? Neurodivergent? With disabilities?

Update: Since I asked for more perspectives and said I’d post responses as I saw them, for your reading pleasure:

Soooo tempted to play hooky from work...  OT Soooo tempted to play hooky from work...  OT

Space to talk about whatever!

Political spam rant . . . put yours here too Political spam rant . . . put yours here too

I’m slightly ragey that the voter database has been scraped to send political spam, because getting shit I don’t want in my inbox is bad enough without it being titled “Have you abandoned President Trump?” and raising my blood pressure with this shit:

An interesting looking community art project

I really like the idea of this...

He’s done it again ... “Yay! Kids can drink sterilized lead water!”

At this point, I think “Musking” should just be taken as a verb for throwing ridiculous money at a vanity project that doesn’t do anything to fix the problem you claim it’s supposed to.

#Stand4Truth: scattered #PopeInIreland thoughts and Tweet Beat #FTP #Stand4Truth: scattered #PopeInIreland thoughts and Tweet Beat #FTP

Sunday, I decided to brave the crowds to stand in solidarity with the survivors of rape by priests, clerical abuse in industrial schools, forced and illegal adoptions, survivors and victims of Mother and Baby Homes, slavery in Magdalene Laundries . . . .

Recognizing Black Women's Excellence: Congrats to N. K. Jemisin!

N. K. Jemisin was the first black person to win the Hugo Award for best novel, and now she has become the first person to win the Hugo award for best novel three years in a row, and the first person to win Hugos for all three novels in a trilogy!

Movie DIS-recommendation

This isn’t the first week of release in the US, but if you were inclined to go see the sequel to 2015's excellent if bleak and brutal Sicario — Sicario 2: Soldado — I would not recommend it. I wish I’d left in the first five minutes.

Have bike shorts disappeared off the face of the earth or just Ireland?

This is a weird question that probably says exactly how much I wear shorts at all, but whatever happened to bike shorts? I just want something to prevent chub rub under skirts and dresses this week considering it’s actually warm enough to have bare legs, but bike shorts appear to have disappeared off the face of the…

Medicine Songs, Protest Music . . . and a Protest Medicine Songs, Protest Music . . . and a Protest

First the protest ^ . Walt Schaub asked today on Twitter where the protest music for this era is.

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