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Holy crap, Mashable

This is an incredible correction.

COTD Mediation COTD Mediation

The UN has asked me to step in and prevent yet another Backtalk Civil War. Always with the COTDs. Always with the Kastle.

Puppy face! Puppy face!

Puppy face? Puppy face!

A logic puzzle

Pay careful attention to these five clues. They provide all the information you need to solve this very tricky puzzle.

The Revolution begins

Owl will show us the way. Why Oregon, though? Is this like Bruce Wayne training far from home?

Hillary's campaign contribution bullshit Hillary's campaign contribution bullshit

For those watching the debate:

COTD and open thread

So I just spent half an hour poring over today’s BT antics, copying permalinks, all that, and for some damn Kinja reason it all blanked away when I had the post ready.*

Hey, Gamecat

And everyone else, for that matter. Came across this in my Scott Weiland wanderings and figured you’d love it.

BackTalk Coup: The Aftermath BackTalk Coup: The Aftermath

Seamless doesn’t have a boat, Kastle.

The Official COTD The Official COTD

The BackTalk constabulary would like to reassure all citizens that the earlier incident has been dealt with and that no coup has taken place. Do not panic. Rumors of instability should be reported to the authorities without delay, and we remind all citizens that revolutionaries deserve no mercy.

Team Dog's new rookie superstar [Updated] Team Dog's new rookie superstar [Updated]

Is a terrier or bull terrier or shar pei mix. Or all of the above. She’s eight to twelve weeks old, weighs seven pounds, and comes into the team nursing an ear injury but otherwise seemingly healthy. She’s been seen to drag her butt, but the team doctors are on it and should have a diagnosis next week.

How does it choose? How does it choose?

Srsly, Kinja, you’re weird. That’s a year-old post. Why is it there? Put something there that doesn’t make me angry.


BackTalk was its usual hive of witty repartee today, but I don’t think BT’ers will be leading the fight against the machines when the AI arrives. Since, y’know, we can’t even master 21st-Century technology. Owl’s mister challenged poor Siri’s search capabilities, while Locally Grown Garden Marvel defers to her cat’s…

Hey, Owl Hey, Owl

538 posted this as part of their live coverage of the Republican debate. Pretty interesting graphic, although you’ll have to head over there if you want to find more context.

Speaking of mythology... Speaking of mythology...

It’s raining in Southern California! Pray to every god you believe in, for the Hyades have smiled upon us!

A brief history of outsider Presidential candidates A brief history of outsider Presidential candidates

To be clear, “outsiders” in this case doesn’t mean third party candidates, although I’ll mention a couple of those. It means candidates from outside the dominant, mainstream factions of the political machines. It’s also not comprehensive. I’m not going to make a list of Whigs. It’s the ones that changed the game or…

Rock. Robot Rock.

We’re charging up our battery. And now we’re full of energy.

Thumbnails of idiots for Owls Thumbnails of idiots for Owls

Here’s a capsule of the big kids. This turned into a post instead of a reply because Kinja didn’t like me trying to bold or header the names and didn’t want pictures so you can recognize them on the tellyvision.

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