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I just want to actually enjoy PAX after never being able to go before. Can still go only Sunday, and I'm starting to worry that it's going to be just not at all worth it for someone like me.

My lights are pretty simple this year. Hard to do anything crazy your first year in a new house. I'll pick up some new ones after Christmas to start filling in more next year.

Theatrhythm showed up in the US App Store overnight, so I quickly grabbed it this morning to get some initial thoughts. I'm no reviewer by any stretch, and I was also playing before work, but here's what I thought about the first ten minutes I had with it:…

Apparently I won a Wii U from Old Navy as part of their Black Friday sales. Got an entry code when my wife and I bought some new winter outfits for our little one, and when I finally remembered to go to the site and put it in, that was the result. I had no interest in getting one, but now that it seems like I might…

My duty on Thanksgiving is limited to corralling the baby so my wife can make dinner for the three of us. I got the best deal.