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New Toys! New Toys!

Despite whining about RAM prices as recently as yesterday morning, I’ve pulled the trigger on some stuff, some of which is now here (though the case won’t get here until Tuesday, expedited shipping is apparently expensive for steel boxes ).

And I thought our coins were inconvenient... And I thought our coins were inconvenient...

Almost there Google, keep working at it!

Well this is the most annoying thing ever Well this is the most annoying thing ever

I have a tiny (maybe 2mm long) bug that has somehow gotten behind the glass (possibly even behind the lcd panel) on one of my monitors, and is just crawling around in there. Either that or I have been subject to a very weird hack. I imagine it will have a hard time getting out, so I think my best hope is to wait for…

Well so much for that (politicalish) Well so much for that (politicalish)

I’m not surprised, this always seemed unlikely. I supposed you can say that Trump played Kim, given that Kim blew up his nuclear test facility earlier today, but on the other hand, most assessments were that the facility had been damaged beyond repair by the nuclear tests so it’s not much of a loss for North Korea. On…

The repo industry today The repo industry today

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the repo business, focusing on their use of license plate readers to find cars.

Cellphones I have owned Cellphones I have owned

I’m awake, bored, and thanks to this post, thinking about old cellphones, so please join me in reviewing my cell phones...

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Good morning, the week has flown by (for me at least), which means it is time for Fur Face Friday! I really don’t know where the week went, which is good because my summer vacation is rapidly approaching (T-minus 3 weeks until I’m on a plane to Europe, I’ll try to photograph some high-quality foreign dogs), and bad…

Bent Wheels Bent Wheels

When I bought my S60 last fall, the shop that did the PPI said I needed new shocks and struts. The car does ride a bit rough, so I can believe that, but two subsequent shops have told me that the suspension seems fine to them. I had been tempted to do the replacement (maybe even getting some fancy Bilstien B6's), but…

Amazon Delivery: Born From Jets Amazon Delivery: Born From Jets

Amazon delivery driver just stopped by with a very non-traditional delivery van:

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

Greetings everyone! We’ve made it to another Friday! Despite the fact it snowed here yesterday morning, I am super excited that the weather here finally seems to be trending towards spring, and hopefully it is doing the same where you are. In any event, down to the serious business of Fur Face Friday!

That's a big mirror That's a big mirror

Apparently this classic 1600-2 has been at least slightly modified.

Why don't Flight Simulators license terrain/buildings from Google? Why don't Flight Simulators license terrain/buildings from Google?

I’ve been looking at flight simulator stuff recently, and honestly I’m a bit taken aback by how low quality the scenery is compared to Google Earth. X-Plane even features a comparison, which I guess is supposed to make you think “wow that’s getting pretty close to how it really is”, but I can’t help but think “wow why…

A thought on the Uber crash A thought on the Uber crash

So that actual crash has been discussed plenty. For the record, my opinion is that it was clearly the pedestrian’s fault, but that either the car or the safety driver should have been able to prevent the crash if they were working as intended. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about…

Communist Train Communist Train

In China in 1986. No other information about it. Was going through some old photos my grandmother took and came across it and thought I would share.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for Fur Face Friday, your home for the best pets from around the Kinjaverse. Last week was an especially good week, with far too many high quality critters. Even selectively picking them, I still ended up with twice as many as I should have, so had to go back and make another…

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Friday’s here, which means we’ve survived another week. Barely, in my case, as I’ve been sick for what feels like forever. However, sick or well, fur faces are sure to brighten up your day.

Worst Photo Ever Of A Ferrari F40 Worst Photo Ever Of A Ferrari F40

Yeah, so my dashcam may not be so great at getting low light images...

Stance Stance

Or maybe just me not paying enough attention to vehicle weight limits...

Battle station, torn down (mostly) Battle station, torn down (mostly)

I’m moving this weekend. I’ve got my machine pulled down, my monitors boxed and shoved in the car, and am trying to decide if I should even pack my joystick (have another at my destination).

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