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Is the Mk5 Jetta a decent car? The 05-13 wagons

I know VW doesn’t make the best cars, but it is hard to find a fuel-efficient hatchback or wagon with a panoramic sunroof.

Is the first-gen Cadillac SRX any good?

It is based on the CTS platform and is basically a CTS wagon. It’s a RWD crossover, not FWD. It looks pretty good for a big SUV/crossover.

Does anyone have experience with these factory-looking aftermarket radios? Does anyone have experience with these factory-looking aftermarket radios?

For example, this radio for an Astra. The Astra wasn’t popular here, and we only got it for one year as a Saturn, but I know the Astra is more popular in Europe, sometimes even being the #1 car in Europe. Besides the Astra H’s weird design, perhaps installing an aftermarket radio could be an issue.

Dennis Hof died last night

Famous brothel owner and was running for office in the Nevada state legislature

Car-related political post Car-related political post

Gary Johnson likes lowriders. The 2016 libertarian presidential candidate, by far the best of who was running for president in 2016, is now running for US Senator in New Mexico under the libertarian ticket.

More shit about the PowerShit. Thailand makes Ford pay

One of Thailand’s first class-action lawsuits.

Has anyone here with a new or late-model car downsized their tires/wheels from OE?

We all know that too many new cars come with big dubs on no-profile tires, and that these tires ride like shit, are more fragile and blow out more easily than Donald Trump’s ego, and cost bigly to replace. In some cases, you can even get a brand new set of wheels *and* tires of a smaller size and that will still cost…

So, apparently Fiat makes a modern-day version of those old 27-window Samba vans VW used to make So, apparently Fiat makes a modern-day version of those old 27-window Samba vans VW used to make

The international Fiat Doblo is available with a high top full of windows.

I'm going through this to replace a shock

One of the lower shock bolts is impossible to remove. The other side I did with no problem in like 15 minutes. The shocks are normally easy on the Mk1 Focus, but not with an impossible bolt like this!

Political post (about the supreme court seat)

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Somebody on here in western Canada needs to buy this 3-row 3-pedal manual transmission 7-seat Orlando

OK, so I came across this 2012 Orlando after trying to help someone else on here who is in that area and looking for a minivan. But I think it’s so cool that it deserves its own post. I also sent it to graverobber for NPOCP

An E28 M5 with 225k for $32k lol definitely CP

Here is the listing for this CP E28 M5

Anybody looking for a bad idea?

Check out this E38 750iL for $2500

Walmart's store brand 3-way LED bulbs are reverse polarity

The brightest setting is first, then the middle, then the low, then off.

Is it worth buying another car?

Right now, I have a 1996 I30 (Maxima) with about 280k. It passed inspection (good until 2020), but has a lot of rust, including the radiator support, which will cost at least $600 in labor from a local body shop. It might be leaking a little bit too, as sometimes it smells inside when there is heavy rain. All the…

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