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More bullcrap about my house More bullcrap about my house

I took the week off to work on the house. Today’s item was redoing Bralock’s closet. I was hoping to remove the old hardware, patch, and get the first coat of paint on before she got home from work. Oh, silly me.

Best-worst costume ideas Best-worst costume ideas

Alright gang, I want to hear about your favorite or least favorite best-worst Halloween costume. What does that mean? It means whatever the heck you want it to.

Inane whining

My in-laws are still here visiting us for what was supposed to just be the weekend. They are lovely people, but my MiL is driving me up the wall. She is someone who cannot abide silence. No one is talking? She is humming to herself. Everyone in the same room? She needs to talk about how she is wearing a bra because…

Unpacking - OT Unpacking - OT

I just finished setting up the entertainment unit. Unpacking may happen at a much slower pace now.

Tweet beat?

I don’t use Twitter, but I check a couple of accounts. Hopefully you all will pick up my slack on this.

I know I just did one of these last night...

But I just found this, and I had to share.

Fun things roundup Fun things roundup

Dump links to anything fun in the replies. Youtube, gifs, trivia, buzzfeed quizzes, old, new, beta testing, etc. The bigger and dumber the grin on your face the better. We have had quite a week, so some levity is warranted.

Momlock update - Open Thread

Momlock went in for surgery yesterday. This was a very major procedure to remove the tumor from her pancreas. We were warned it could have taken up to nine hours. When I talked to my father afterwards I could hear him crying tears of joy, because, to quote the surgeon, her procedure was a complete success!

CLOSED! Afternoon OT CLOSED! Afternoon OT

Here you can see Bralock’s and my car parked next to each other for the very first time at our new house! Closing was as painless as possible, it actually only took 42 minutes, and we have our first load of stuff in the house. We are doing our big move on Saturday, and we are sleeping on our air mattress until then.

Oscar bait Oscar bait

I don’t care. I will see it.

That's disappointing - Open Thread

ETA (9:48 pm EDT): Darlingpants has a much better primary thread going. This is now a regular Open Thread.


Brief history: Bralock and I started looking for a house in earnest in late March. We had an accepted offer in May on a house where the inspection turned up serious issues. We withdrew our offer. We find another house in late June we love. We are literally the first viewing once it hits the market. We had an accepted…

Oops - OT Oops - OT

Hey, IMDB, I know they have the same name, but I think you should have caught this error.

Well this is a different stage in life - Morning OT Well this is a different stage in life - Morning OT

Bralock and I turned in our keys to the apartment. When I called the management company to see if we could extend our lease by one month while we wait to close on the house they were condescending, rude, and hung up on me.

Momlock update (TW: surgery illustration) Momlock update (TW: surgery illustration)

I haven’t written of my mother’s pancreatic cancer here in a while, but today was a good day for her. The oncologist was happy with her progress to the point of scheduling her surgery.


Holiday creep is on full display at my local CVS

Favorite people watching stories (it is going to be bodily function gross)

I was at a small social gathering yesterday were we ended up telling people watching stories. Bralock mandated I tell my St. Patrick’s Day story.

Random realizations Random realizations

I just realized that the guy from the Aubrey Plaza “What’s it gonna take?” commercial is the same guy who almost buys Tom’s scorpion jacket in the Parks and Recreation episode where Jerry has a fart attack.

Croatia v. England (updating)

Let’s talk about the match! I am home alone watching it, and Bralock is unable to text at the moment.

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