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It's Almost Summertime OpenThread It's Almost Summertime OpenThread

It’s Friday. Memorial day weekend is upon us. Got anything fun planned for this weekend or summer you wanna share? It’s been awhile, but the thread is open!

How to Build your own Emergency Kit

Okay, there’s some pretty nasty things happening out in the world now, and we all have to know how to look after ourselves in case of an emergency. Here’s what Aderyn says you need to know about building your Emergency Kit.

Let's go hunting for Easter Eggs tongiht

Good evening all. Some of you have heard that some of the O-deck crew has been doing movie nights on Thursdays. Today is a special one, as we are going to scourge every bit of Guardians of the Galaxy looking for the famed ‘giant easter egg’ everyone has missed according to James Gunn. He recently posted on facebok…

Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism Arrow Season 4 Finale: Schism

It’s 1:15AM, I just got off work half an hour ago. However, that’s not enough to stop me from doing the finial recap of Arrow for the season, especially since you other commentators make it interesting. Let’s talk the Arrow finale! Spoilers, ahoy.

Flash Season 2 Finale: The Race of His Life Flash Season 2 Finale: The Race of His Life

Finales can be difficult. They wrap up the current storyline, and set up the next. They have to create enough emotional investment that fans anxiously await the next season. Let’s talk about whether or not Flash was able to do that. Spoilers ahoy!

Legends of Tomorrow 1.16: Legendary Legends of Tomorrow 1.16: Legendary

It’s the first season finale for Legends of Tomorrow, and boy did they go out with a bang. Don’t worry though, the show has been picked up for a second season. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood Arrow 4.22: Lost in the Flood

It’s the penultimate episode for Arrow as well, and while they definitely felt the needs to keep the excitement up they at least had the decency to give us Curtis this episode. Spoilers ahoy!

Flash 2.22: Invincible Flash 2.22: Invincible

We finally get to see Katie Cassidy’s premiere as Black Siren on last night’s episode of Flash, and she totally stole the show in my opinion. It’s the penultimate episode, and things are really getting heated. Let’s talk about it, spoilers ahoy!

A Guide of the Events in Westeros Before A Game of Thrones A Guide of the Events in Westeros Before A Game of Thrones

Season six of Game of Thrones is underway, and they are making more and more connections to the past events that happened before or during Robert’s Rebellion. It can all get pretty confusing so here’s a handy timeline to help keep these events straight.

Legends of Tomorrow 1.15: Destiny Legends of Tomorrow 1.15: Destiny

Tom-o-rrow! ♫ Each reformed villain to understand, the power that’s inside! ♫ Oh, it’s you and me, I know it’s my DES-TIN-YYYY. ♫ Oh, you’re my best friend, in a world we must defend. ♫-Oh wait, wrong show. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t fit though. And it’s getting hard writing the intro spoiler free. You all know…

Arrow 4.21: Monument Point Arrow 4.21: Monument Point

We finally start to feel the momentum as Arrow gets into the finial stretch, with only two more episodes left in the season after last night’s. There’s still a lot of plot for them to resolve, so lets get right down to it. Spoilers ahoy!

Flash 2.21: The Runaway Dinosaur Flash 2.21: The Runaway Dinosaur

Team Flash was in quite a predicament the last time we saw them. There were a lot of possibilities and even more questions. Let’s talk about what happened, and what will likely happen next, in your Flash Megathread. Spoilers Ahoy!

Open Thread: Let's go to the movies edition

Hello O-Deck, and happy Tuesday! Here’s your open thread for the day, and an invitation to join us for a Netflix Party to watch a movie Sunday. We have a few options to choose from, and the time is a little flexible, so let us know if you want to join!

Flash 2.20: Rupture Flash 2.20: Rupture

Rupture: noun rup·ture \ˈrəp(t)-shər\: a crack or break in something; medical : a break or tear in a part of the body; a break in good relations between people or countries. Which definition did you think that this episode conveyed? Spoilers ahoy!

Legends of Tomorrow 1.13: Leviathan Legends of Tomorrow 1.13: Leviathan

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. The team is finally ready to take Savage on head first at the one time and place they know they can find him. It’s an action based episode with some pretty cool special effects, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the plot. Spoilers ahoy!

Arrow 4.19: Canary Cry Arrow 4.19: Canary Cry

The episode in which everyone blames themselves for everything that went wrong ever. In which everyone gets emotional, including the audience if twitter is any judge of such things. In which we finally see the name on the gravestone. Spoilers ahoy!

Flash 2.19: Back to Normal Flash 2.19: Back to Normal

We get a first look at Barry without his powers (again). We resolve a few loose ends plotwise. Then we see the set-up for the next showdown with Zoom. While mostly a filler episode, there were a few ‘big’ things happening in this episode. Spoilers ahoy.

Flash 2.18: Versus Zoom Flash 2.18: Versus Zoom

It’s showdown time between Flash and Zoom this week as we get into the home stretch. There’s only five episodes left this season. We also see the Flash side of the Supergirl tie-in. Spoilers ahoy!

Legends of Tomorrow 1.11: "The Magnificent Eight" Legends of Tomorrow 1.11: "The Magnificent Eight"

I’ve been looking forward to this episode for awhile. Not just because I have a soft spot for Westerns either. We finally got to see [that person!] in the DCTVU. I’ll save the spoilers for after the jump, though I’d be surprised if you didn’t know who I was referring to there.

Open your mind to the newest Doctor Strange Trailer Open your mind to the newest Doctor Strange Trailer

Marvel just released the following trailer for Doctor Strange on their Facebook Page. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the Sorcerer Supreme on the Silver Screen.

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